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Year 1


Welcome to Year 1

Summer 1 2021

Dear Parents,


Welcome back to Year 1!


The letter to remind you of pick up/drop off points and timings remains at the top of this page.  We have followed government guidelines to keep your children safe when they return and things will be slightly different to what they are used to. The children will be reminded of our school values of: Respect, Good Manners, Patience, Perseverance and Honesty. They will continue to earn dojo points for good behaviour, attitudes and effort.


Staffing in Year 1 is:


Mrs Smith - Class Teacher 

Mrs Haji- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maqsood- Special Support Assistant




Please encourage your child to complete their homework each week. Homework is given out on a Friday and is expected to be completed and returned no later than the following Tuesday.  It is important that your child learns to read their spellings and understand the meaning before attempting to copy them into their spelling book with a sentence using the word underneath.  It is also vital that they learn their vocabulary as this is linked to the book they will be reading in class the following week.  Passwords and logins have been sorted, there will be some online homework too through Purple Mash, My Maths, and TT Rockstars. 


It is crucial that you read with your child as much as possible at home to support their phonics and also their understanding of different texts.


Your child will be given fact sheets with information and vocabulary based on these topics and others that we are learning about in class. Please support and encourage your child with learning these facts, as this will support and consolidate their learning with the classroom.



PE will take place on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing their PE kit and has their earrings removed or covered by plasters from home on this day. The correct PE uniform must also be worn: Yellow PE shirt, black PE shorts or jogging bottoms and black pumps. 



In English this half term, we will be focusing on stories with familiar settings and stories with outdoor settings such as camping outdoors. We will explore the key features of stories and create stories using settings that we are familiar with. We will develop our use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will explore the text and use the Talk 4 Writing approach to retell, innovate then invent our own stories.

Phonics will continue throughout the day and there are some links in the website star for you to support your child at home.



We will be practicing our 2x, 5x and 10x times tables which all year 1 children should be able to recall confidently. Therefore, we ask that you practice these with your child as much as possible. We will start by learning what a half and a quarter is and how they have equal parts. We will then make the link between division and fractions. Our main focus will be ensuring the children have mastered numbers up to 100 by: counting, writing and comparing numbers. Then we will move on to telling the time to the nearest hour and half an hour.  After this we will be moving on to money and recognising different coins and notes. Lastly, we will look at volume and capacity measuring using non-standard units. We will relate this to our fraction work and measure using the terms ‘half’ and ‘quarter’. 



Our Science topic is ‘Every day materials.’  We will be distinguishing between an object and the material that it is made of. We will identify every day materials such as: wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. Then we will describe the properties of these materials. Lastly we will compare and group materials based on their properties.



Our focus this term will be on weather patterns and the UK. We will learn about how weather patterns change in the UK depending on the season. We will be identifying the local area on a map. Then we will use directional language to describe a route. Next we will look at maps and their symbols. The children will then create their own maps of the local area.



We will be looking at play equipment and investigate how it is made. We will discuss the purpose of playground equipment and who the audience would be. We will then design a prototype of a slide and experiment with materials to make our own slides. We will then evaluate our products. 



In music we will be performing simple songs from memory and singing as a class at the same pitch. We will recognise dynamics, tempo, rallentando and timbre. We will explore things like crescendo and diminuendo using our voices and instruments.



This term we will be learning about what makes some places sacred. We will look at how the words ‘sacred’ and ‘holy’ are used. We will show respect for other people’s precious or sacred belongings.  We will explore the main features of places of worship and how places of worship are used. We will find similarities and differences between places of worship and how they are used.  Then we will explore the meanings of signs, symbols, artefacts and actions and how they help in worship.



Our topic in computing is ‘coding’. We will understand what coding means and know that computers have to follow instructions. Then the children will be using a coding program to create backgrounds, objects and characters etc. We will then create controls for these objects and make them interact.



We will have discussions each day during PSHE to ensure your child feels safe and happy and there will be an emphasis on the importance of keeping clean and away from germs.  We would appreciate this discussion happening at home too.


If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to discuss these with us at the beginning or end of the school day or arrange an appointment through the school office.


We hope your child has an amazing first half term being the best that they can be.  As always, we all hope that you stay healthy, safe and happy! 


From all the Year 1 team: Mrs Smith, Mrs Haji and Mrs Maqsood