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DT - Toys with a Cam Mechanism

We had to design and make a toy for EYS, which had a cam mechanism. It had to have an element of surprise.


In our Science lessons we have begun to look at Lifecycles of animals and we have dissected a Lilly flower, to identify the reproductive parts of a plant.


P.E - Cricket


Year 5 have begun to look at the skills of Cricket.  They have so far practised throwing, catching and batting.


Year 5 have taken inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s layering technique, to produce their space scenes, using acrylic paints.

Geography - Biomes

We have researched about the different biomes around the world such as Savannahs, Deserts, Tundras and created a fact file about one of them.

History - We have started a new topic this half term all about The Golden Age of Islam so they did some research and created a poster.  Sumaiyah and Malaika's posters were well presented and full of information. 

Geography -Rivers

We have learnt about the journey of the river and find out what some of the vocabulary means. Safaanoor and Subhan have done well with their work.

This was our second lesson on Boxing.  We have learnt about jabs, upper cuts, hooks, slide, roll and moving using our feet. They have done very well with their skills.
French - Le Temps
We have been learning about the weather and how to describe the weather in French. 
Religious Education - Genesis 
We have been learning about the Genesis and have been looking at different ways in which the Genesis can be interpreted. We have also been looking at the similarities and differences between Christian beliefs of how the world was created.  
Design and Technology - Cooking and nutrition 

As part of our topic, we have been learning about spring rolls - where they originated from and how they can be prepared and cooked. We tasted two different kinds of spring rolls and evaluated them, we looked at the different flavours, textures and ingredients they had and talked about how we could improve them. We then planned our own spring rolls. Next we made them.

A practical planning sheet completed by Meraj Soomro. 

P.E -Gymnastic


In our P.E lessons we have been been doing Gymnastics. We worked with a partner we tried to create different balances.

Science - Earth and Space 
Year 5 have been learning about Earth and Space, they have been carrying out some research on the different planets in the Solar System as part of their home learning task. 

Science - Properties of Materials and Changes


Year 5 have started their new Science topic.  

Through their topic of Changes of State to materials they investigated how materials change when you bake them in the oven.  First they predicted what they thought might happen and came up with a hypothesis in thier groups.  Then they created a mixture for fairy cakes by adding different ingredients and put them in the oven.  Every 5 minutes they took out the fairy cakes and measured the temperature of them - then put them back to bake.  Finally, using their table of results they wrote a conclusion as to what they found out.

Aleena Ali has been comparing materials and their properties on Purple Mash.

History - Anglo-Saxons
Music Lessons - Recorder
We have started our Recorder lessons again with Emily our teacher.  We have been learning how to play some songs, read music and about keeping a beat, a rhythm.
P.E -Athletics
In our Athletic lessons we have been practising the skill of jumping, running and throwing.  We learnt how to do the triple jump, what a pull and sling throws were.