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Year 5 have had level 2 training on how to ride their bicycles safely on the road.


Design Technology - Mechanisms

During their topic of Mechanisms - Year 5 have made a toy with a cam mechanism.  They researched toys that children in the Early Years would like and then found out about different cams, such as the pear and drop down cams.  Some of their toys move up and down and some turn around.

Science - Earth, Space and the Solar System

We have been learning about our solar system and the planets in it.  We have found out about our Sun, the different Moon cycles,  about Earth and how we get day and night and the seasons.  Year 5 have also made a 3D model of the solar system at home.  We think they are fantastic!

Art & Design

In our topic we have looked at the layering technique used by Vincent Van Gogh, in his paintings.  First, we practised it by creating a scene on a cold, sunny and windy day, we used acrylic paints.  Then we created a scene that we might see in our galaxy, linked to our Earthlings topic.

Design and Technology - Cooking and nutrition 

As part of our topic, we have been learning about spring rolls - where they originated from and how they can be prepared and cooked. We tasted two different kinds of spring rolls and evaluated them, we looked at the different flavours, textures and ingredients they had and talked about how we could improve them. We then planned our own spring rolls. Next we made them.

Science - Properties of Materials and Changes


Year 5 have started their new Science topic.  They have separated mixtures using different equipment. Furthermore, they investigated which solids form a solution when mixed with a liquid.  They found that some solids are soluble whilst others are insoluble.

Through their topic of Changes of State to materials they investigated how materials change when you bake them in the oven.  First they predicted what they thought might happen and came up with a hypothesis in thier groups.  Then they created a mixture for fairy cakes by adding different ingredients and put them in the oven.  Every 5 minutes they took out the fairy cakes and measured the temperature of them - then put them back to bake.  Finally, using their table of results they wrote a conclusion as to what they found out.

History - Anglo-Saxons

We have been finding out where the Anglo-Saxons came from and some of the key people and events from that era.  We have also learned about the discovery at Sutton Hoo and how artefacts can tell us about the past.

Music Lessons - Recorder
We have started our Recorder lessons again with Emily our teacher.  We have been learning how to play some songs, read music and about keeping a beat, a rhythm.

P.E -Gymnastics

In our Gymnastics we have learned some new types of balances - such as counter balances and counter tension balances.  We incorporated these into a sequence with our partners on apparatus.