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In Science, Year 3 have been learning about the Eatwell plate. We have been categorising the different foods into the different food groups which is helping us to understand what nutrition we get from different foods. 



Year 3 made healthy lunch box fritters as part of their DT project. We looked at the importance of food hygiene and practiced various skills such as; cutting, chopping, slicing and grating.



During our PE sessions we had Blackburn Rovers come in to our Year 3 class to deliver exciting GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) sessions. We learned about the amount of sugar in different drinks that we have every day and how this impacts our health. We played games in the classroom as well as physical activities outside. We learned that drinking water and milk is far better for our health than sugary drinks. 


Year 3 have been learning about measurement. They have been measuring the length of various objects and using weighing scales to measure the mass of different objects. They have also been learning about volume and capacity and have been using measuring beakers the measure the volume of liquids. 


In Art, Year 3 have been using different materials to create their own parietal art. They used sand and PVA glue to create their textured surface. They then used different grades of pencils, charcoal and pastels to create their version of cave paintings.