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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3



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Year 3 Summer 1

Dear Parents and carers,


I wish you a warm welcome back after the holidays and hope that you have had a restful break. We will continue to remind children about our school values of Respect, Good Manners, Patience, Perseverance and Honesty.  We will use our reward system 'Brookhouse Monsters University' to recognise good behaviour and attitudes. If your child is in the winning University team, they will be given a reward at the end of the term.


At the top of this page you will find Year 3’s previous and current homework grids, which heavily focuses on reading, spelling and times table practice. You will also find Year 3’s previous and current knowledge organisers, which will prepare your child for topic quizzes and will take place every week. We will have a quiz of quizzes at the end of the term to celebrate all the learning taken place across the whole curriculum so far.


Our topic for this term is 'The Iron Man'. 



Please encourage your child to complete their homework each week. Homework is given out on a Friday and is expected to be completed and returned no later than the following Wednesday. As well as completing the homework on the homework grid, your child will be given a list of words to explore on a weekly basis for our Whole Class Reading sessions. It is really important that your child completes this work so that they are ready to access the text that we will be reading the following week.


All children are familiar with using the online learning platforms such as Reading Plus, Purple Mash, and TTRS, therefore your child should be able to login and complete any tasks assigned independently. You may feel your child is a fluent reader, however it is still crucial that you read with your child as much as possible at home to support their phonics and comprehension of different texts.



Our focus for English this term will be 'Playscripts'. The children will be immersed into a variety of playscripts, exploring the characters, stage dialogue and drama techniques. They will perform different plays to the rest of the class using tone, intonation, expression and action. We will then be moving onto our innovation phase where we will be writing a playscript together. This will enable the children to understand and practice the features used in playscripts and provide them with the skills needed to create their independent playscripts. 


Whole Class Reading will continue to take place every day, through which we encourage children to focus on new vocabulary in the text and the comprehension of the text. 


The school has purchased a three year subscription with an online reading resource called Reading Plus, which improves pupils' reading age but it does rely on the children using this resource on a regular basis.  Please make sure they are using it at home.  Please support your children in their reading of school books, at home for ten minutes every day.  We will continue to encourage children to improve their Oracy skills through participating in the project Voice 21.



Our Maths lessons will provide pupils with the opportunity to learn using concrete, pictorial and abstract models. They will then learn to apply this knowledge to reasoning and problem solving - QUACK (Please ask your children what this means). This term we will be looking at pictograms and bar graphs. The children will be learning how to read and interpret information from pictograms and bar graphs. They will begin by creating a number of different pictograms where the pictures can represent more than one item. They will then be creating bar graphs, using their knowledge of pictograms to help them. The ability to read, interpret and create pictograms and bar graphs will enable the children to move onto solving word problems. 


There will also be an opportunity for online learning via Purple Mash. Please encourage your child to practice their timetables at home. It is really important that your child learns their times tables, in order to aid them with this, your child can use the online program 'Times Table Rock Stars'.



Our focus this term will be on plants. Year 3 will work scientifically to understand, identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants; the root, stem, leaves and flowers. We will be exploring the requirements of a plant for life and growth and carrying out various practical investigations to see how water is transported in plants and explore the part the flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants. At the beginning of each session we will deliver a quiz to test key learning, your child can prepare themselves by revising the Science Knowledge Organiser.



In History, Year 3 will be learning all about the Romans, this will include how and why the Romans came to Britain, how they lived, what life was like before they invaded and settled in Britain and what they did for Britain. 



Keeping to the theme of Romans, Year 3 will be creating and painting a tile in the style of Fresco. Fresco is a way of painting pictures. A fresco is a kind of mural, a painting that is done on a wall. A true fresco is painted onto wall plaster that has been laid that day and is still damp. Therefore, in order to imitate a true fresco painting, we will be creating a child friendly version of fresh plaster using Plaster of Paris. How exciting! We will concentrate on one well known fresco painting; Villa of Livia.



PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has their earrings removed or covered by plasters from home on this day. The correct PE uniform must also be worn: Yellow PE shirt, black PE shorts or jogging bottoms and black pumps. 


We will also be starting our swimming lessons, which will take place on a Wednesday morning. Please ensure that your child brings in their swimming kit. This will need to include a large towel, swimming costume or swimming trunks and a swimming cap. Please put them in a large carrier bag. Jewellery is not permitted, please therefore ensure that earrings are removed before Wednesday. 



Children will have the opportunity to share and discuss any concerns or worries. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss these with us at the beginning or end of the school day. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment through the school office. We will be focusing on 'Families and friends'. 


As always, we all hope you stay healthy, safe and most importantly stay happy!


From all the Year 3 Team, 


Ms Begum (Class Teacher)

Mrs Khonat (HLTA)

Miss Read (SSA)