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Knowledge Organisers to share at home in preparation for topic work this term

Summer Term


We hope you are all well and keeping safe! 

As you will now be aware, our reception class plan to open on Wednesday 24th June. We are looking forward to welcoming some of you back to school and hope that you are excited to return. It looks a little bit different compared to how we left it. The class is split in to two working areas, Yellow and Blue and we will need to make sure we follow our new classroom rules which were sent home as part of the school agreement. Please ensure that you adhere to your child's arrival and home times as we are trying to limit the number of parents at one time and to help with social distancing. Within school, the learning taking place is based on the home learning opportunities that are planned for each week. These plans will continue to be uploaded on our home learning page each week during the remainder of this academic year. For those children now returning until September, please follow these home learning plans as much as you can smiley

Thank you all for your continued support and patience. 


Homework: During this time, there will be no physical homework (homework books, reading books, spelling books etc.) given as children will not be able to take anything home from school. However, please keep an eye on the 'Home learning page' as some home challenges may be set online. The home learning plans include daily learning activities for the week Monday - Friday. 


Key dates for reception: 

W.b:22.06.2020 - School is due to re-open to a wider group of children from this date so long as it is deemed safe to do so. 


Our topic this term is: Holidays. Please find the Topic Knowledge Organiser above to share with your children at home and learn meanings of the key vocabulary explored.   


English - This term, we will recap all sounds previously taught, practise spellings of key words and consolidate the application of phonic knowledge to read and write simple sentences. The quality texts that we are going to focus on this term are Mr Gumpy's Outing, Whatever Next, Where the Wild Things Are, The Train Ride and All Afloat on Noah's Boat. You can find videos of these books on You Tube (please be careful of adverts/pop ups etc. when using You Tube with children). 


Maths - This term, we are exploring the learning opportunities from the White Rose document, including addition and subtraction, doubling, halving, odds and evens, length, weight and measures. I have uploaded the White Rose Maths document for the Summer Term (please find pdf link below to see all the learning activities, games and opportunities to support children's learning of concepts already mentioned). 


Topic - Our focus is on holidays. We will be exploring holiday destinations, places to visit, why people go on holiday and some of the features we might find on specific holiday settings (such as the seaside). 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term when/if we can welcome your children back to school our top priority is their safety and well-being. Therefore children will be given time to discuss their feelings, worries and experiences and we will endeavor to keep your children smiling in this very unusual time. Please find on our Class Page 'A letter about re-opening for our children' and share this prior to coming back to school so they have some understanding of what to expect. 


We want to thank all you amazing parents and families in supporting your children's learning at this very difficult time, you are doing a great job!


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli and Mrs Maqsood. 


A letter about re-opening for children (please share prior to return)

RWI Set 2 and 3 sound mat

White Rose Maths learning for Summer Term.