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Please share your Knowledge Organisers at home in preparation for this term's learning!

Spring Term


We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are ready for the fun to begin again!


The staff that are in our Reception class include: Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Mrs Maqsood, Miss Sadia and Mrs Solkar. 


Homework: Every Friday homework will be sent home in their yellow homework books. Homework includes reading 3 times a week and two other activities (these may include phonics, maths or a topic focus). Please continue to use the 'My Spell Book' to practice your spellings each week. Please check the explanation on how to use this book within the front cover as the children need to write each word under each column. 


Key dates for reception: 

W.b: 13.01.20 - P.E biking unit begins.  


Our topic this term is: Sorting (food related). 


English - This term we are continuing to use our phonics sessions to learn new sounds and begin to blend words in order to read and write. We use sound buttons and 'Freddie Frog Fingers' to segment each sound in words and begin to blend to say the word. We have begun to read key words and are more confident in blending. Whole class reading sessions will be done to provide daily opportunities to read words and simple sentences. We will be moving on from Red Ditty Reading books to Green Story books soon and this band will also include non-fiction texts. The quality texts that we are going to focus on in class are The Gingerbread Man, Handa's Surprise and Little Red Hen. 


Maths - This term, alongside our continuous application of number, we are using positional language to describe objects, using time words when measuring short periods of time and will also begin to look at money and how we pay for our foods (linked to our topic). 


Topic - Our focus is on the food which we eat. We will be looking at making healthy choices linked to a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet. We will be sorting foods such as healthy and unhealthy and whether foods have seeds or no seeds. We may also do some baking activities linked to the story of The Gingerbread Man. We hope he doesn't run away from us when he comes out of the oven though! We will let you know! 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term focuses on tolerance and the British values that we uphold everyday in school. We are already beginning to help our partners and work well together through discussion and support. We are not all the same but we should be filling up everyone's bucket with kind words and thoughts.  smiley


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Miss Sadia, Mrs Maqsood and Mrs Solkar.