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As Brookhouse Primary School has closed for the majority of its pupils until further notice due to the COVID - 19 outbreak, we have provided all parents with a 'Home Learning' section within the children's class pages. Please find in this section, timetabled work to do with your children, links to websites which include a variety of activities and fun to do at home.

You will also find another section on this class page named 'Websites', here you will find a list of useful websites to use with your children (see age specified for appropriateness). Keep an eye on the home learning section as different learning ideas will be added as we go through the period of closure (as we don't know how long it will continue for). 

We appreciate these are worrying times so enjoy teaching your children all the life skills that they can learn directly from you as parents, such as helping you with food preparation, washing the pots, folding laundry, tidying up the garden or planting some new seeds.

Please stay safe and enjoy the time you have together.

From all of the staff in Reception. 


Knowledge Organisers to share at home in preparation for topic work.

Summer Term


We hope you are all keeping safe at home and we will await any more information about when school is able to re-open. The following is the information about the learning during our Summer Term, whether this will be done at home or school is unclear at the moment. 


The staff that are in our Reception class include: Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Mrs Maqsood, Miss Sadia and Mrs Solkar. 


Homework: During this time, please keep an eye on the Home Learning section on this class page for work to do at home. We are timetabling daily tasks (Monday - Friday of term time) but also use the website links or challenge of the week ideas to use during the weekend. Thank you. 


Key dates for reception: 

W.b:20.04.2020 - New work will be sent home via this website, please see home learning section. I have spoken to some parents that are having difficulties accessing and will sort out other arrangements where possible. If you have any other problems please email the school office. I will also be making telephone calls to all parents again to check that everyone is still OK and to update you if I can about any other information regarding closure. 



Our topic this term is: Animals. Please find the Topic Knowledge Organiser above to share with your children at home and learn meanings of the key vocabulary explored.   


English - This term, if we re-open we will recap all sounds and move on to Set 3 sounds from our Read, Write Inc. programme. However at home please continue to use our set 2 sounds and explore our Set 3 sounds using the pictures to support pronunciation (please find the pdf document below named RWI Set 2 and 3 sounds). Practise using these sounds to spell words by using Fred Talk fingers and then when you have a list of three words for each sound, can you put those words in to a sentence? Support children by giving them a sentence if needed but ask children to count how many words are in the sentence and then independently sound out each word to write. The quality texts that we are going to focus on this term are Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, Gorilla by Anthony Browne and Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae (You can find videos of these books on You Tube (please be careful of adverts/pop ups etc. when using You Tube with children). 


Maths - This term, we are exploring the learning opportunities from the White Rose document, including addition and subtraction, doubling, halving, odds and evens, length, weight and measures. I have uploaded the White Rose Maths document for the Summer Term (please find pdf link below to see all the learning activities, games and opportunities to support children's learning of concepts already mentioned). 


Topic - Our focus is on animals. How they are explored in fiction books and learning lots of facts about them. With our Dear Zoo story link, we will explore why we have zoos and think about designing our own. We will spend time creating fact sheets for some animals and begin to group animals into categories, such as Farm animals, Zoo animals and Pets. 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term we are in difficult times and it is important that children still have a 'routine' at home, particularly during term time. We will look at why it is important to go to bed at a reasonable time even though we are working from home and to make sure we all have enough sleep during these worrying times. Talk to your children about the importance of hygiene, not just washing your hands and counting for 20 seconds as we try to keep ourselves safe but also the importance of brushing their teeth when they get up in the morning and before bed. They can also help to keep their bedrooms tidy and clean 

We want to thank all you amazing parents and families in supporting your children's learning at this very difficult time, you are doing a great job!


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Miss Sadia, Mrs Maqsood and Mrs Solkar.  

RWI Set 2 and 3 sound mat

White Rose Maths learning for Summer Term.