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AUT 1 Knowledge Organiser to share at home and learn new words.

Set 1 sounds to practise at home! Please ask your children to show you the sounds they have learnt.

Autumn Term


Welcome to Reception everyone! We know that you have spent a lot of time at home preparing for the start of your Reception year and we are excited to see you back in school. 


The adults working in the Reception class this term are Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli and Miss Grant. We also have support from Mrs Ahmed during the morning time. 


Homework: As soon as homework starts this term, you will be sent home with a homework book and a green spelling book every Friday which has a timetable of activities to do and be completed by the following Wednesday. As well as a homework book, your child will receive a home reading book each week to practise reading and discussing at home with an adult (day depending on which group your child is in). Your child will need support to complete their homework and we may sometimes set Talk Tasks or challenges which rely on an adult facilitating. 


Key dates for reception: 

W.b:31.08.2020 - School opens 02.09.20 to Reception children. 

W.b: 07.09.2020 - Reception Baseline assessments. 

W.b: 28.09.2020 - Collection for food bank. 

W.b: 12.10.2020 - Thursday 15th October Reception Class Parent Meetings (times to be provided). 

W.b: 19.10.2020 - Children finish for half term on Friday 23rd October. 


Our topic this term is: Homes and families  Please find the Topic Knowledge Organiser above to share with your children at home and learn the meanings of the key vocabulary to be explored.   


English - This term, we will start our phonics sessions so that children learn their Set 1 sounds and start to see and observe how we use sounds to make words. Whole class Word Time is the beginning of our reading sessions where children learn about sounding out words in order to blend and read.

This term we are looking at some Traditional Tales linked to homes: The three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The three Billy Goats Gruff. 

A skill to practise at home - children need to be able to read and write their names. Children can practise this through copying the letters/sounds in their name over and over again at home.  


Maths - This term, we are exploring number so that children have a deeper understanding of what a number is, what it looks like and how to make it. Children will begin to understand that when we count up, numbers get bigger, we get more and that when we count back, numbers get smaller, we are getting less.

Please practise counting on and back from 0 - 10 at home and then have a go and making the number, such as getting three apples for the number 3. 


Topic - Our focus is on homes and families. We will be exploring where we live and the people who are important to us. We will share our similarities and differences to show that we are all unique and special in our own way. 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term we are focusing on your child's well-being and to ensure that they settle into their new environment, happy to come to school each day. 

Children will be expected to adhere to our class rules and boundaries to have a safe and kind space in which to learn. 


We are here to work together to ensure the best for your children.

Please see a member of staff at the door or book an appointment to speak with Mrs Cowell if you need anything or have any concerns.   


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli and Miss Grant.