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Autumn Term


We are so excited to welcome our new Reception children into their new class! We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are ready for the fun to begin. Our first half-term is all about getting our children settled in their new environment, working with new peers and following our daily routines. Our topic this half term is Homes and Families. 


Within the first couple of weeks, your children will be assessed according to an EYFS baseline assessment, this informs next steps with regards to the planning of the curriculum and any booster groups. 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term focuses on new beginnings, rules and why we have them but also that actions have consequences. We will explore how to make good choices as we begin to work with new peers and share our resources. 


Reading and Writing - Children will have a variety of quality texts (stories) shared with them on a daily basis. This term we will be reading The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will be learning new sounds during daily phonic sessions and begin to blend sounds in order to read words. 

To promote fine motor skills, the children will be manipulating play-dough, mark-making and using tweezers to strengthen their dexterity. Please work at home with your child to practice writing their name as this is one of our starting focuses. 


Maths - This term we are exploring number, learning our number rhumba song and assessing what our children can do - counting to 5 then 10, recognising numerals and beginning to compare amounts. 


Homework and reading books will be sent home with your children in due course. We first need to settle in, assess and then group your children according to their capabilities. We look forward to working with all you supportive parents and we are always on hand at the door if you need us smiley


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Miss Sadia and Mrs Maqsood.