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AUT 1 Knowledge Organiser to share at home and learn new words.

AUT 2 Knowledge Organiser to share at home.

Set 1 sounds to practise at home! Please ask your children to show you the sounds they have learnt.

Set 2 sounds to begin to practise at home as we progress through them (see top section on page)

Autumn Term


Your children have settled in so well and we are super proud of all their hard work!


The adults working in the Reception class this term are Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli and Miss Grant. We also have support from Mrs Ahmed during some mornings.  


Homework: You will be sent home with a homework book and a green spelling book every Friday which has a timetable of activities to do and these must be completed by the following Wednesday. As well as a homework book, your child will receive a home reading book each week to practise reading and discussing at home with an adult (day depending on which group your child is in). Your child will need support to complete their homework and we may sometimes set Talk Tasks or challenges which rely on an adult facilitating.

Some homework is to prepare your children for learning, for example story words may be sent home to practise in order to be prepared for our whole class reading sessions, this allows children to make quicker progress so thank you in advance!


Key dates for reception: 

W.b:02.11.20 Children start back on Tuesday 3rd November. 

W.b: 09.11.20 Please select your time slots for Parents Evening by Wednesday 11th November, please see your emails.

W.b: 16.11.20 Parents Evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (no clubs on these days).  

W.b: 14.12.20 Children finish for end of term holiday on Friday 18th December. 


Our topic this term is: Changes (particularly Seasons of the year). Please find the Topic Knowledge Organiser above to share with your children at home and learn the meanings of the key vocabulary to be explored.   


English - This term, we will start learning our Set 2 RWI sounds and start our Red Ditty books for whole class reading. Children are beginning to read by sounding out each sound (including special friend sounds), blending by dragging out each sound orally and then listening for what the word is. This takes practise and so we give opportunity for this daily in class. When we write, we say the word then drag out each sound on our fingers to segment each sound in order to record. Again, this takes practise so along with working on this in school please further support your children and have a go at reading and writing some words such as: pin, cat, dog, man, cot, sat, box etc. 

Tricky words that we cannot sound out will also be explored this term: the, he, she, I , no, go. We call these red words!    


Maths - This term, we are developing our knowledge of number by changing amounts by adding and subtracting. We will also look at 'time' linked to our changing topic. Can you child describe their daily routine and use the language: morning, lunch time/noon, afternoon and evening? Where are they during the daytime and night time? What do they do?  


Topic - Our focus is on changes. This includes the changing seasons, change in time, changes that are made when we mix media and how to change the initial starting sound in a word to create rhyming words. 


Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term we are focusing on how our actions impact others and we will share a story all about filling each others 'buckets' with good and positive behaviour and attitudes. 


We are here to work together to ensure the best for your children.

Please see a member of staff at the door or book an appointment to speak with Mrs Cowell if you need anything or have any concerns.   


Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli and Miss Grant.