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AUT 1 Knowledge Organiser to share at home and learn new words.

Set 1 sounds to practise at home! Please ask your children to show you the sounds they have learnt.

Autumn Term


Welcome back after the holidays, we hope you had a restful break and are all well. 


The adults working in the Reception class this term are Mrs Cowell, Mrs Valli, Mrs Patel, Mrs Hussain and Mrs Ahmed.  


Homework: Currently we are settling your children in but when we inform you of homework starting, it will be given every Friday during term time and completed books to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. You will be given a timetable of homework activities, reading books, spelling books, Knowledge Organisers to share each term and some projects during holidays. 


Key dates for reception: 

02.09.2021 School opens, half day. 

03.09.2021 Morning session until after lunch. Home at 1 pm. 

06.09.2021 All children in for full days 8:30 am until 2:55 when we open the gates for home time. 


Please organise getting your child the following resources and write their name on:

School book bag

PE kit and bag


Our topic this term is: Homes and families linked to the traditional tales we read in class. Please find the Topic Knowledge Organiser above to share with your children at home and learn the meanings of the key vocabulary to be explored (AUT 1).   


English - This term, we will be learning the Set 1 sounds in Phonics to begin to read and write CVC words. 


Maths - This term, we are gaining knowledge of number, recognising numbers, matching numerals, sorting and arranging shapes. 


Topic - Our focus in on homes and families. This includes exploring similarities and differences, between ourselves and different cultures. We will learn about what makes us unique and how to celebrate and learn from our differences. 

Personal,Social and Emotional Development - This term we will strive to always adhere to our school values and use our class rules to support this. We will be aware that our actions can affect the feelings of others. 


Please remember we are here if you need us and we look forward to working alongside you amazing parents so that the children can be the best they can be! 


Mrs Cowell and the reception team.