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Darwen tower (13.5.17)

Badge work (6.5.17)

Blackburn to Syria shoebox appeal

on our 3rd anniversary ( 3.2.2017)

Healthy and fitness activity badge (20/26/11/16)

At Boulder uk (22/10/16)

science badge with Dr Khalid (1/10/16)

Beavers at Bowley 2016

The Brookhouse 1V Scouts Sleepover



We had our first sleepover with our beavers at Blackpool Tower. Scouts is supposed to provide our children with the chance to make friends from across the district and experience new things. On 28th November we set off to Blackpool in a group of 42 beavers from across the Blackburn area.  We really wanted the children to have the opportunity to do this and were so pleased that they got to be involved with all the other groups.

The sleepover included the circus which was a panto based on the story of Pinocchio this time of the year. The show was fantastic with the highlight being the whale scene when the circus floor filled with water. Was so impressive to how fast the ring was filled and then emptied an clean. The beavers all loved the panto rendition of "my true love sent to me!"



Following the panto the beavers were treated to exclusive use of the soft play area followed by a night sleeping in the circus floor.  Before we had bedtime the beavers had lots of games and stories and miraculously all of our beavers were amazing and were the first group to go to sleep.


The morning started nice and early and we were treated to breakfast at the ballroom (where they held strictly come dancing the week before). The final part of our trip was the 4D show plus going up the tower to see Blackpool from ghe top. Unfortunately we visited during the storm season in November and couldn't get to the top. The 4D show is great though. Highly recommended :)


We were so proud of the children as this was the first night away from family and they were all impeccably behaved and had such a great attitude! Well done 1V Scouts Beavers :)