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Home Learning

Home learning for Reception children


If your child is not returning to school week beginning 22nd June, please continue to use the links below for home learning timetables with daily tasks and activities to do at home based on Phonics, Reading, Maths, Topic, weekly challenges and physical challenges.  Please complete these daily tasks and where possible record your work/learning in the purple exercise books that went home prior to closure.  

Just to let you know, there are a few online companies that are offering free home learning resources. Such as Twinkl, Scholastic, Phonics Play and Oxford Owl (see login details below). However, please be vigilant regarding online safety when using websites at home. Please keep an eye for the age-appropriateness of adverts or pop-ups which may be displayed when your children are using an ICT device. Please see our Online Safety Policy on this website for more information. 

Thank you for your support at this difficult time. Please remember that if your child is not attending school, alongside the home learning that is provided please teach your children all those amazing life skills that you do at home. Such as helping with washing up, folding the laundry, writing recipes or helping with the baking at home. 

Take care everyone and we will all work together to support one another. I will update this class page on any websites to share with your children or learning opportunities to do at home. 

Thank you, Mrs Cowell and the Reception staff.  



*Please note that all the website links on this page can be re-visited and used during any week for extra learning opportunities.



Sharing your Home Learning

As I know you are all doing amazing work at home from my phone conversations with you, I thought it might be nice to share some of your hard work.

If you would like to share any photographs of work or home learning that you are doing to go on our school website, please email these to our school office at: 

We would like to showcase all the fantastic things you are doing at home and how much fun you have had learning with your families within our Class Page. 

We again want to thank you all for your participation in teaching your children at home and challenging their amazing skills and we cannot wait to see the fantastic photos you send us!


Mrs Cowell and the Reception staff smiley

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 06.07.2020)

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 29.06.2020)

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b 22.06.2020)

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 15.06.2020)

An EYFS school closure pack from Twinkl to use at home. Please find Maths and English worksheets and activities here:

A Phonics CVC word pack to use at home from Education City with a variety of worksheets.

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 08.06.2020)

Reception Spelling List  (words to practise)


I no my the
of me to  want
all are they your
said some is in
for go got get
off old then you
her was what there
little call small home


A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 01.06.2020)

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 18.05.2020)

Music at Home - please find a weekly plan from BMS and a list of free music resources to use below:

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 11.05.2020)

RWI Set 1 Sounds

A weekly timetable for home learning (W.b: 04.05.2020)

The Family Wish Jar or Bottle

This is a fun activity that you may wish to do as a family! 


Every time you wish that you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourselves, see someone you love, visit a new place or invite people to visit you, write it down on a post-it note or piece of paper and put it in a jar or bottle at home (Wish Jar/Wish Bottle). Then when 'Lockdown' has been lifted and Government guidelines say that it is safe to do so, this can be your families bucket list and you can work your way through the ideas in the jar.

We can then all be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in our lives! smiley

A weekly timetable of home learning (W.b: 27.04.2020)

A weekly timetable of home learning (W.b 20.04.2020)

A two week timetable of home learning and additional learning resources (W.B 23.03.20 and 30.03.20)