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Home Learning

Preparing for our return

In preparation for your children returning to school, please discuss what we are looking forward to when school re-opens and what is different about school compared to home. Please voice any worries or concerns with a member of staff, we are here to help and the same COVID-19 procedures that were in place prior to closing will resume upon re-opening. Please read all correspondence from school such as emails and the Newsletter attachments. 


Please practise the following with your children:

Name writing.

Hold a sentence.

Putting coat on and dressing independently (this will help to prepare for when PE changes will resume). 

Toileting independently.

Eating food independently and using utensils if appropriate. 

Practise all Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds (taught so far).

Check number recognition, adding by putting two or more groups together, take away by removing some and the number getting smaller. 

Please practise naming 2-D and 3-D shapes.  


Thank you and we appreciate your time spent on this.

We are in this together and will support each other in order for your children to reach their full potential. 

We are going to be 'The best we can be!' 

See you soon everyone and I can't wait to welcome you back! 


Mrs Cowell. 



Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th February Home Learning Tasks

Monday 22.02.2021 Home Learning Tasks

Planning for week beginning 08.02.2021 (for those unable to access Teams).

04.02.2021 Home Learning activities to complete (my apologises for the technical difficulties)

20.01.2021 Home Learning Activities (due to no live sessions).

Home Learning for 06.01.2021 - 08.01.2021. Please see timetable of home learning activities to complete.

A Phonics CVC word pack to use at home from Education City with a variety of worksheets.

Reception Spelling List  (words we practise throughout the year)


I no my the
of me to  want
all are they your
said some is in
for go got get
off old then you
her was what there
little call small home


RWI Set 1 Sounds

RWI Set 2 and 3 sounds