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Home Learning

W.b: 24.05.20 - Online Learning Tasks to do at home if your child is needing to isolate.



Hold a sentence practise each day for one of these sentences, use your sounds and remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops: 

The duck was in the pond. 

We went to play at the park. 

She had some tea. 



Read 3 different stories from the Oxford Reading link below (website). Please see login details in small print on link. 

Discuss what is your favourite story. It can be one from home or school such as, 'The Gruffalo'. 

Make a poster of this favourite story to go in our reading area on display. 

Can you write three sentences about your favourite story? One for the beginning, middle (problem) and end. 



Please make sure that you are confident with your numbers to 20, counting and recognising the numeral. 

See White Rose Maths website link, summer guidance, below and complete the game activities on pages 14 and 15. 


Physical activity

Please complete the indoor activities or PE at home from the website links below. It is important to keep active indoors. 

W.b: 17.05.21 - Online learning tasks to complete at home if your child is needing to isolate



  • Please practise your Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. Can you write a word for each of the Set 3 sounds such as for 'ea', you could practise writing the word cream. 
  • Write a sentence everyday about something of your choice. You may want to write about the character of Gerald from our story or a sentence about what you did today - "I can make a cake with mum". 
  • Hold a sentence practise: He can jump and bop. 



  • Watch the story Giraffes Can't Dance.
  • Have a go at reading the following sentences: He can bop and hop. He is sad and alone.                                     




  • Practise counting on and back between 0-20. 
  • Can you record all the numbers? 
  • Try to make the different numbers by collecting that number of objects at home. Check by counting and matching to the numeral. 


Talk task

  • Talk with an adult about if you have ever felt sad and alone like Gerald and what did you do to make yourself happy again? 

W.b: 10.05.21 - Isolation period


As you will have been notified, our Reception class bubble is isolating due to Covid-19. This is the current time I'm afraid and we need to be prepared for class/bubble closures and the need to isolate. Remote learning will continue to be provided on Microsoft Teams in the event of closure as it is vital that your child's education continues so please join us for any timetabled meetings.   

Please keep yourselves safe and all reception children must isolate at home for this period. All correspondence and guideline information has been sent to parents via email and text. Please keep up to date with these communications as we rely on these to inform you at this current time. 


Live teaching sessions (on Microsoft Teams) are to commence Monday 10th May, 9am for Phonics and English lesson and then 10:30am for Maths lesson.

We appreciate it is currently Ramadan with Eid celebrations at the end of the week, however your children would still have been attending school so it is important that they attend these morning sessions. There are no afternoon Teams meetings scheduled to support our families at this current time. 


Live sessions will run from week beginning Monday 10th May - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (please see you Teams calendars). 

For Thursday and Friday, I will set online activities to do instead of live sessions (please see timetable of tasks below as a PDF document) as we know that our families will be celebrating Eid and these times of celebration may differ.

Please note, these activities are not expected to be completed on your day of Eid celebrations.    


Week beginning Monday 17th May, we will have live sessions for the morning of Monday but then children are expected to be back in school on Tuesday 18th May if they have not developed any symptoms and are well to attend. 


Thank you for your patience and support with this bubble closure, your children's safety is our top priority in these difficult times. 

Stay safe during your isolation reception and we look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 18th May. 


Mrs Cowell. 



W.b: 10.05.21 Monday - Wednesday Live session coverage


Just in case you are struggling to access any recordings, below I have written what was covered in the live sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 



Phonics - Recap Set 3 Phonics sounds.

Google search: 'Phonics play phoneme spotter ai'. Read the newspaper together and spot all the words with the sound 'ai' in them. How many words have this sound in them? 

In your books, practise sounding out and spelling the words -    rain    snail 

English - Watch the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance'. 

Discuss the meanings of words: buckled, clumsy, different, violin, somersault and miracle. What do you think these words mean, where were they in the story and explaining meanings to the children. 

Independent task - talk task with an adult. Why did the other animals make fun of Gerald? Have you ever felt so sad and so alone? 

Maths - Watch counting numbers to 20. Google search 'counting to 20 singing walrus' for the song to join in with (be careful of pop-ups and adverts). Record all numbers 0-20 in your books to create a number line, use a space between each number. We need to make sure we write our numbers the correct way round! 

Now practise counting on and back from any number, such as count up from 3 - 16. Now count back 18 - 2. You can use the number line recorded in your book to help if needed. 



Phonics - practise reading Set 2 and 3 sounds. 

Play phoneme spotter game like yesterday but this time for sound 'ee'. You will find a postcard to read through. Can you spot the alternate sounds 'ee' and 'ea'? Record two words from the postcard for each sound. 

English - watch our focus story. 

Hold a sentence practise for:  He is sad and alone. 

Be careful of the split digraph in 'alone'. 

Maths - Google search, 'Top Marks Helicopter Rescue' and play the game up to number 20. Can the children spot the numbers, then numbers between and even practise counting on and back a number? 



Phonics - Recap Set 2 and 3 Phonics sounds. 

Spelling practise of the following words, children to sound them out in order to spell: train, shout, home, smile, night, start. Go through them together and mark, making any changes if needed. 

English - Watch our focus story song. 

Read this sentence: 

He can skip and twirl. 

Now draw a picture to match this sentence and it's meaning. Have a go at writing this sentence underneath as a caption. 

Maths - Google search, 'Top Marks Coconut Ordering' and play the game of numbers up to 20. Are the children able to order the numbers from smallest to largest and use their understanding of place value? Get the children to count 1-20 to support them with their ordering. 


We hope you all have a fantastic time for Eid at home. Stay safe and take care. 

*Please find Thursday and Friday activities underneath.  

W.b: 10.05.21 Thursday and Friday online learning tasks

Monday 17.05.21 Isolation learning

Please find Monday's tasks that were completed online in live sessions below:

Writing focus today. 


Phonics - Practise Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. Make a note of any that you don't know or less confident with and practise these at home. Hold a sentence practise for: We had so much fun for Eid. 


English - Watch the story of Giraffes Can't Dance (being careful of pop-ups/adverts etc.). 

Write a sentence or two about the story. Remember to think of a sentence, say the sentence (counting the number of words) and then write the sentence by sounding out each word. Try to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Maths - Remind our selves of what a 5 frame grid and a ten's grid looks like, particularly when they are full. 

Watch subitising to 10 by Jack Hartmann online.

Now have a go at identifying the numbers in the 10's grids below (find PDF attachment underneath '10's grid numbers'). We are focusing now on numbers beyond 10 and up to 20, so we know we cannot fit these numbers in to just one 10's grid, we will need two! 


17.05.21 Maths - Identify these numbers on the 10's frames.

Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th February Home Learning Tasks

Monday 22.02.2021 Home Learning Tasks

Planning for week beginning 08.02.2021 (for those unable to access Teams).

04.02.2021 Home Learning activities to complete (my apologises for the technical difficulties)

20.01.2021 Home Learning Activities (due to no live sessions).

Home Learning for 06.01.2021 - 08.01.2021. Please see timetable of home learning activities to complete.

A Phonics CVC word pack to use at home from Education City with a variety of worksheets.

Reception Spelling List  (words we practise throughout the year)


I no my the
of me to  want
all are they your
said some is in
for go got get
off old then you
her was what there
little call small home


RWI Set 1 Sounds

RWI Set 2 and 3 sounds