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Art - 3D Sculptures

In our Artwork, we have looked at the artists Auguste Renoir and Paul Cezanne who were famous for their still life paintings.  Using clay we modelled 3D sculptures of whole and sliced fruit.  After this we used different tools to add texture to our sculptures and painted them.  Finally, we added a little varnish and they were ready for display!

Modelling, sculpting and adding texture.

Mixing the shade needed for painting then painting and displaying!

Georgraphy - Landmarks in Europe


Year 4 have been learning about Europe, in their Geography this half term.  As part of their homework they have created 3d landmarks which you will find in Europe.  Can you guess what they are called and which country they are in?

World Wildlife Day - Pets

Roxy the Rabbit - Armaan and his dad brought in their pet Roxy. Year 4 really enjoyed picking her up and stroking her. She is one years old and loves to explore her surroundings.

George - Mrs Leyland brought in one of her dogs. George visited us in the afternoon and we loved having him and getting to stroke him. He was really well behaved - we learned that he came over from Romania and he doesn't like car journies.

Science - Teeth and the Digestive System

We are learning about our teeth, their function and how to look after them.  Also, how teeth are part of our digestive system, which helps our bodies to take the nutrients that it needs whilst also digesting our food for us.  We used disclosing tablets which showed where the plaque was in our teeth.  When we had finished with the disclosing tablets we brushed our teeth for 2 minutes.


Music Lessons - Recorders

Year 4 have started to learn the recorder. Emily our teacher is going to help us to learn how to play the instrument as well as learn how to read music.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Plague Medicines


Year 4 have been researching about the different potions and medicines people used to cure the Plague in 1665.  So for their homework they have created a potion which will cure the Plague!

Picture 1
Picture 2
 History - Plague Doctor Masks
Science - Sound 
 Dance - 'Sparks Might Fly'
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Science - Electricity -

Making switches and circuits

Diwali - Year 4 Class Assembly