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At Brookhouse Primary School, our aim is to ensure that each child is able to articulate themselves clearly and coherently to a range of audiences. Oracy skills should be evident throughout the curriculum and also in non-curricular areas such as assemblies, clubs and other extra-curricular events and activities.


In order to ensure that our pupils are given the opportunity to rehearse and practice their Oracy skills, each class delivers an oracy presentation at the end of each term. This presentation is either part of their English work or linked to a cross curricular subject, for example Science or History. Pupils are explicitly taught skills such as developing eye contact, developing voice and intonation and the use of body language when speaking to an audience. Pupils use a planner to prepare their presentations. The presentations are then recorded and assessed using an assessment Rubrik. 



Using the Immersion room for Oracy presentations


The end of term Oracy presentations are assessed using individual Rubriks. The teacher uses the Rubrik to highlight a pupil's ability during the presentation. As the year progresses, there should be a visible shift or improvement in ability. Future targets can then be identified to address the following term.