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Y6 Photo Gallery

Science Week

During science week, we have learnt about genes and inheritance.  Using our Stem Bundle boxes we have found that our genetic traits are passed on to us from our parents, grand parents and great grandparents.  They also mapped out their own genetic traits through creating a keyring.  Finally, they then used this data to create a genetic map for their group by creating a tree.

Design Technology - Mechanisms

Linked to their History topic of Victorian seasides, year 6 have been learning about fairground rides.  Most fairground rides have different mechanisms so year 6 investigated the pulley.

PE - Orienteering and Outdoor Adventure

Year 6 have been learning all about orienteering this half term.  They have learnt how to read a map, give instructions, follow instructions and how to use orienteering controls.


Some of us in year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn how to ride our bicycles safely on the road.  It was not easy as there was a lot to remember whilst also riding our bikes!

Design Technology - Food Technology

In our design technology we have been finding out about bread from around the world.  Following this research we tasted different types of bread and reviewed it.  Then we planned our own recipe and then following our recipe we baked it.  

History - World Wars

During our history topic we have learnt about the blitz and significant people and events during WWII.  We found out that Coventry Cathedral was bombed during the Blitz in 1940 where it was left a ruin.  During the Blitz, people were told to build air raid shelters so they could shelter in them if they heard an air raid siren, warning them that bombs were about to be dropped.  Year 6 have learnt about the different air raid shelters used during WWII and they made some for homework.

P.E - Gymnastics

In our P.E lessons we built on our P.E from Year 5.  We have worked with partners and small groups to create sequences which included different balances such as counter tension balances.  In our sequence we had to sometimes work on our own and at other times with our group, using the apparatus that had been set up.

Science - Evolution and Inheritance

During our science lessons we learnt all about evolution and inheritance, fossils, variation and about our own families.  Through this topic we have also found out about the key scientists which have led in evolution and inheritance: Charles Darwin, Mary Anning and Alfred Wallace.

Art and Design

Through our Art lessons, we learnt about the artist Lui Bolin.  His art is all about camouflage, he creates visual art where he camouflages himself in places such as The Great Wall of China.  We also tried to create a piece of art which had some camouflage in it.

Robinwood Residential

Recently, we went on a residential to Robinwood, Dobroyd Castle in Todmorden. We had an amazing time there for three day - participating in wide variety of activities: trapeze, zip wire, giant swing, climbing, piranha pool and archery, just to name a few.  Here are a few photographs.