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AUTUMN 1 2020 - AUTUMN. The children have been learning about how the season is changing from summer to autumn. They have completed lots of different Autumn activities.

AUTUMN 1 2020 - MATHS. The preschool children have been working really hard to develop their counting skills. They have been building towers using different numbers of blocks and counting carefully to check they have the right amount.

AUTUMN 1 2020 We are really happy to be back at nursery. We are learning the rules and routines and getting used to the classroom environment. We are so excited to have lots of new friends joining our class.

WORLD WILDLIFE DAY/PET DAY! We celebrated World Wildlife Day by having a very special visitor to our class. Mrs Leyland brought her dog George to see us. He was very friendly and we learnt a lot about him.

PANCAKE DAY! We really enjoyed learning about the traditions around Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday. We tried to toss a pancake in a pan, took part in a pancake race and of course ate some pancakes!

'Dog's Colourful Day' was the second book we used in Spring 1 to support our learning. Dog is the character in the book who gets very dirty! Children continued to learn about colours and counted the number of sports dog had. The children experimented with ways of making bubbles to clean dog, joined in with colour matching games and helped set up a role play vets in case the dog felt poorly.

'Wow! Said the Owl' was the first book we used to support our learning in Spring 1. Children started to learn about colours, shapes and night and day. The children really liked 'little owl' the character in the book so added feathers to colanders to improve their fine motor skills, painted owls and made owls out of playdough. I'm sure you will agree they are fantastic!

AUTUMN 2 2019 - We have had another very busy half term. Look at all the fantastic learning we have done!

CHRISTMAS 2019 - The children have taken part in a lot of exciting winter and Christmas activities, including taken part in the Christmas Production, enjoying the Christmas party and having a very special visit from Father Christmas!

The Girl Who Loved Wellies, Peterkin Meets a Star and Whatever Next are the books we have used to support our learning in Autumn 2. We have been so busy doing a lot of exciting learning including; welly printing, working together to build rockets, going on a star hunt and experiencing a starry night in the immersion room.

AUTUMN 1 2019. Look at all the lovely learning we have done this half term!

AUTUMN WALK. We have been learning all about Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn and collect the Autumn leaves that had fallen off the trees. We then went into the immersion room at school to walk through the woods on an Autumn day.

THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA. After learning about the book 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' we invited our friends from Reception class to a tea party. We made sandwiches and cakes to enjoy. We were amazed when the tiger from the story came along to join us!