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AUTUMN 2 2020 - WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT. We have loved learning about the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt and have become fantastic story tellers, using characters and the settings to retell the story. Preschool children have been counting buttons onto bears. Our counting skills are fantastic and our next step is to recognise numbers. We have been sorting and matching the compare bears.

AUTUMN 2 2020 BONFIRE NIGHT - We have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We used the spray bottles to put out bonfires, we made firework patterns in lentils and we tried to catch stars with tweezers. We also talked about why we celebrate bonfire night and how we can keep safe.

AUTUMN 1 2020 GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS - We have done so much learning around the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We explored porridge oats and spooned them into different sized bowls. We painted bears from the story using forks to spread the paint around. We also painted bears in the outdoor area. We made porridge and enjoyed tasting it. The preschool children ordered the bears bowls by size. We finished our learning by enjoying a teddy bears picnic.

AUTUMN 1 2020 - THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA. We have been doing so much learning based around the book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We made tea for the tiger in the outdoor kitchen and talked about how the water changed. We made stripy tiger patterns. We made tiger stripes using paint and string in the classroom and used brushes to make large stripes in the outdoor area. We threaded tiger stripes into the colander to develop our fine motor skills. The preschool children have been sequencing events in the story and using them to retell key events. The preschool children have also been counting the correct number of cakes into the tiger's tummy.

AUTUMN 1 2020 - AUTUMN. The children have been learning about how the season is changing from summer to autumn. They have completed lots of different Autumn activities.

AUTUMN 1 2020 - MATHS. The preschool children have been working really hard to develop their counting skills. They have been building towers using different numbers of blocks and counting carefully to check they have the right amount.

AUTUMN 1 2020 We are really happy to be back at nursery. We are learning the rules and routines and getting used to the classroom environment. We are so excited to have lots of new friends joining our class.